Exercise 3. First draft of design.

Although I love art deco and nouveau, it can become a cliché if followed too closely. I opted for an expressive approach. I also had to confine myself to existing materials – 5 colours of silk slivers and an assortment of sari silk ribbons.

I had selected a palette from my limited ribbon stock for each of the seasons. Here they are.

Winter.  Steel Grey, Mauve, white, dark green, ice blue.

Spring. Yellow, orange, fresh green, pink, spot of blue.

Summer. Stronger pinks, reds, purple, Turquoise, Royal Blue, grass green, gold.

Ocean view. Bright blue, Aqua, jade, teal, yellow, white, brown.

Autumn. I just looked at my brocades and thought I could do something… I decided it was time to create a background using my sari silk slivers. Naturally, I chose the Autumn mix! I loosely arranged some remnants of ribbons and sari wrap bangles on top.

Spring. I used Fiesta as a backdrop and scattered the Spring palette of ribbons around.

Summer. Unfurled Cobalt blue mix, then Red Jewel and Purple Jewel and intertwined with Emerald River. Scattered some of the ribbons around.

Winter. Purple Jewel slivers as background with grey, white and mauve.

Ocean. Background of Turquoise and Teal with Yellow merino wool, aqua, Turquoise, white, gold Brocade and jade.

A design is evolving. Lace, brocade, prefelts, silk paper insets, beads and organza overlays and free machine embroidery can be introduced next.

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