How to make a Sari Silk Wrap Bangle with free kit from Caraboo Arts Therapy in Rural Devon.

Sari Silk Wrapped Bangle Bracelet Kit

Convert an inexpensive wire bangle into a soft, comfortable, chic bit of Indian flair.

Free Sari Silk Wrap Bangle kit made by Judi Binks for lock down.

Your free kit contains:

Aquamarine, Teal and Purple sari silk ribbon lengths in this kit.

1. Two thin wire bangles.

2. Two lengths of sari silk ribbons in contrasting colours.

Indian Brocade with designs interwoven in gold and silver.

3. Optional. Indian brocade ribbon with gold and silver threads for embellishment.

You will need:

1. PVA or fabric glue, scissors and needle and thread.

2. Optional. Copper wire, beads and charms and jewellery pliers. You can embellish with contrasting colour or brocade or add beads and charms.


Step One Preparation of your ribbons. They arrive unpressed and crinkly, which gives a great texture, but you can gently steam iron them to press them flat. One yard or 80 cms of ribbon is plenty to wrap the first base round.

Step Two Sanitise the bangles and dry them.

Step Three Add a drop of PVA or fabric glue to the end of the silk ribbon and pinch it to the wire bangle.

Step Four Begin wrapping the bangle with the ribbon taking care to keep the ribbon wide and flat against the bangle. Continue all the way around. Keep the tension as tight as possible to avoid bulky lumps.

Step Five If you want to decorate it more with a second layer, add twists of contrasting colour and bands of brocade

Step Six At the end, you can either:- a) secure it with a stitch or b) tie the silk into a tight knot. If desired, leave a bit of ribbon as a dangle or make it into a tassel by shredding the ribbon.

Embellishing with wire and beads.

Super special creation on Pinterest.

1. Thread 4-6 crystal beads onto the wire.

2. Begin tightly wrapping the wire 3 or 4 wraps close together and then begin moving around the bangle, spacing the beads at equal distances.

3. For security, add an extra wrap of wire to each side of each bead to hold it in place.

4. At the end, again use 3-4 tight wraps of wire to finish the wrap. Snug each end with jewellery pliers to secure wire and tuck in any sharp ends.

5. If desired add a handmade ‘ charm dangle ‘ or tivoli, using extra crystal beads and wire.

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