Felting a Geode Tutorial

Felting in Devon Blog Wet Felting Workshops in Devon Felting a Geode Tutorial Free Geode Tutorial These needle and wet felted geodes with a cavity (hole in the middle) are fun and addictive to make, and you get an amazing surprise at the end when you cut them open! (See bottom of page for guidance onContinue reading “Felting a Geode Tutorial”

How to Felt an Abstract Design in pictures

Contact Judi Binks at Felting in Devon Email me at: feltingindevon@gmail.com Text me on 07837 436395. I always try to respond within a few hours. Lay out drafted fibres on to pattern outlined on water soluble paper placed on cotton scrim. ART FELTING FELTED WINDOW HANGING WET FELTING WET FELTING WALL HANGING ART OF FELTINGContinue reading “How to Felt an Abstract Design in pictures”

Beginner’s Guide to Wet Felting

What You’ll Be Creating Wet felting wool is a centuries old craft used to make everything from tents to clothing. This tutorial will teach you the basics of how to felt wool roving into a beautiful piece of fiber art. Supplies For this project you’ll need: a sheet of bubble wrap, larger than the sizeContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide to Wet Felting”

Wet Felt a Wall-hanging Kit

This kit contains the wools, carded batts, silks and yarns in a wide range of vibrant colours and textures. Kit also includes … Artfelt Paper The design can be pre-drawn onto the pre-cut Water Soluble Artfelt paper as a useful guide to laying down your colours. The paper dissolves once you add the warm waterContinue reading “Wet Felt a Wall-hanging Kit”

Basic Wet Felting Layout technique.. 👀

These instructions show the basic layout and techniques for making flat felt panels. This technique can be used for laying out many other feltmaking projects, including scarves, pictures,felt wallhangings, felt bags, lighting and more. It shows the basic steps used to create a strong, even, wool felt surface. Note for beginners…look at how carefully theContinue reading “Basic Wet Felting Layout technique.. 👀”

NUNO Felting Workshop in Kennerleigh. Felting a Scarf using fine Merino wools and silks.

What is Nuno Felting? The technique was developed in 1994 in Australia by Polly Stirling and Sachiko Kotaka. It differs from traditional felting because the wool rovings are gently interwoven into another fine fabric such as silk or chiffon resulting in a final felted piece which is lightweight, thin and drapeable.It’s ideal for scarf making.Continue reading “NUNO Felting Workshop in Kennerleigh. Felting a Scarf using fine Merino wools and silks.”

Use your sketchbook when planning a wet felting

Planning can be as important as inspiration when preparing a larger felted picture. Pen and Ink sketches are really good at giving a sense of the vivid colours of the wool rovings.

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